The power line can be described by the equation shown below:Y=-1/2x-2Complete the table to find specific coordinates of the power line running through the yard

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]\begin{array}{cc}x&y\\ \\-2&-1\\0&-2\\2&-3\\6&-5\\9&-6.5\end{array}[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:Given:[tex]y=-\dfrac{1}{2}x-2[/tex]First, find y for given x:When x = 0, then[tex]y=-\dfrac{1}{2}\cdot 0-2\\ \\y=-2[/tex]When x = 6, then[tex]y=-\dfrac{1}{2}\cdot 6-2\\ \\y=-3-2\\ \\y=-5[/tex]When x = 9, then[tex]y=-\dfrac{1}{2}\cdot 9-2\\ \\y=-4.5-2\\ \\y=-6.5[/tex]Now find x for given y:When y = -1, then[tex]-1=-\dfrac{1}{2}x-2\\ \\-1+2=-\dfrac{1}{2}x\\ \\1=-\dfrac{1}{2}x\\ \\-2=x\\ \\x=-2[/tex]When y = -3, then[tex]-3=-\dfrac{1}{2}x-2\\ \\-3+2=-\dfrac{1}{2}x\\ \\-1=-\dfrac{1}{2}x\\ \\2=x\\ \\x=2[/tex]So, the table is[tex]\begin{array}{cc}x&y\\ \\-2&-1\\0&-2\\2&-3\\6&-5\\9&-6.5\end{array}[/tex]