Isaac wants the equation below to have no solution when the missing number is placed in the box.Which number should he place in the box?

Accepted Solution

Answer: 4Step-by-step explanation: To have an equation with no solution you have to get something like 0=1 meaning you have to remove all the variables. In this equation you would distribute to get xy+2y+2x=2x+12+4x where y is the missing number. then combining like terms you get xy+2x+2y=6x+12. Subtracting 2x from both sides you get xy+2y=4x+12. Now to get the variables gone y has to be 4 so that the variables to cancel out. By plugging in 4 you can see this works; 4x+8=4x+12 and by subtracting 4x from both sides you get 8=12 which is not true meaning there is no solution.