Last week , Donnell practiced the piano 3 hours longer than Marcus . Together, Marcus and Donnell practiced the piano 11 hours . For how many hours did each young man practiced the piano

Accepted Solution

Answer:Marcus practiced for 4 hours and Donnell practiced for 7 hoursStep-by-step explanation:We can set up this problem as a system of linear functionsWe'll use d to represent Donnell and m to represent MarcusSince Donnell practiced 3 hours more than Marcus, we can represent this as an equation:d=m+3And since they both practiced for a combined total of 11 hours, we can represent this an an equation:d+m=11We can substitute d=m+3 into d+m=11 and we get:m+3+m=112m+3=112m=8m=4Now we can substitute m=4 into d+m=11d+4=11d=7Therefore, Donnell practiced for 7 hours and Marcus practiced for 4 hours