PLEASE HELP WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST!!!!These box plots show the basketball scores for two teams

Accepted Solution

Answer:B. The Interquartile Range (IQR) for the Bulldogs, 20, is less than the IQR for the Tigers, 25Step-by-step explanation:The question is asking for a comparison of spread. There are two methods for  measuring spread, that are standard deviation and the Interquartile Range. For a skewed box plot like this one you would use the Interquartile Range. The 5 numbers on a box plot are part of the 5 number summary. From left to right the numbers above the box plot are the minimum, the first quartile (Q1), the median (Q2), the third quartile (Q3), and the maximum. To find IQR you just subtract the third quartile (Q3) from the first (Q1). In this case, for the Bulldogs the IQR= 90-70+=20 and for the Tigers IQR=85-60=25.