Mustafa’s soccer team is planning a school dance as a fundraiser. The DJ charges $200 and decorations cost $100. The team decides to charge each student $5.00 to attend the dance. If n represents the number of students attending the dance, which equation can be used to find the number of students needed to make $1,500 in profit?5n – 300 = 1,5005n + 300 = 1,5005n – 200 + 100n = 1,5005n – 100 – 200n = 1,500

Accepted Solution

Answer:The answer should be B: 5n+300=1,500.Step-by-step explanation:The number of people to attend is going to vary and 300 is a set variable, so it won't change of be affected. Since the team doesn't know how many people will be able to attend in order to reach their goal, n is going to take the place for the amount of people.If you were to solve this, the answer would be:5n+300=1,5005n=1,500-3005n=1,200n=240So 240 people can attend the dance.