Marta went to the farmer's market to buy oranges. The oranges that are 3 inches in diameter cost 25 cents per dozen. The oranges that are 4 inches in diameter are 50 cents per dozen. Marta chose the 3-inch oranges. Did she make the more economical decision? Explain your answer?

Accepted Solution

Answer: noStep-by-step explanation:If we consider the volume of each orange ( we have considered the orange as a perfect sphere)we have the volume=(4/3) * π R^3 where is the orange radiusfor 3 inch diameter de volume is =1.33*3.1415*3.37 inch^3for 4 inch diameter de volume is =1.33*3.1415*8 inch^3Taking into account a dozen of oranges we have to multiplier by 12 both orange volume are:V dozen 3-inch= 40.44 inch^3 (paying 25 cent)V dozen 4-inch= 96.00 inch^3 (paying 50 cent)If she want to buy more that one dozen is economical  better choose  the 4 inch oranges